The council of mice


The Cat: 22×14 cm.

Full sculpture, base included: 57×15 cm.


This sculpture is made out of clay, while the bell on the cat’s neck is mobile and it offers a perfect nod to the myth itself.
It is cast in bronze, with an amazing vivid patina, created with the firing technique.
It is a limited edition with only twelve(12)pieces made available worldwide.
This bronze sculpture and the myth behind it make it an amazing and modern piece of decorative art for demanding collectors and buyers who want to have something unique and elegant.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have this amazing and absolutely original sculpture, which will captivate the attention of your guests, in your collection.

One day, the mice gathered for a council. They had to find some way to protect themselves against a cat that threatened their community. Everyone expressed their own opinion, but some disagreed and so they started to argue, but nothing came of it.

In the end, one mouse said: “Why don’t we hang a bell on the cat’s neck? Whenever the cat approaches, the bell will ring from afar. We’ll hear it and we can run and hide. So, before the cat even sees us, we will be out of sight.”

“What a brilliant idea!” agreed all mice in unison. “Let’s go and find a bell immediately and tie it around the cat’s neck.”
“Wait a moment,” said an old and wise mouse. “The bell idea is very good indeed, and every time the cat approaches we will hear it from afar and hide. But first I want to ask you something: Who among us will risk their life in order to hang the bell on the cat’s neck?”
The old mouse was very wise indeed, because when we put an idea forward we should first examine whether and how we can implement it.