Commission a sculpture:

In this section, you can find out how you can commission a unique sculpture based on your imagination and requirements. Being here means that you have either already decided or are thinking about such a project. However, in order for our collaboration to be as smooth as possible, and the end result as amazing as you’ve imagined it, we would appreciate it if you could answer some specific questions which will aid Themis in bringing the image in your mind to life exactly as you’ve envisioned it.

Please note:

Themis is all booked up with commissions at the moment! If you would like to be informed when the artist is ready to take commission bookings again, please let us know by using the commission form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss whether you would like to go ahead with a commissioned sculpture in the future.

Questions & Answers

Commission process

Commissioning a sculpture is a process of dialogue and exploration. The first stage is an in-depth discussion with the client about what it is that they are looking for. If Themis feels that this is something that could work well for both parties, then discussion on timescale, material and cost can begin. Themis would normally present the client with drawings giving an outline of her thoughts.

What is next?

The artist will give the client a quote for the final sculpture. The quote is an in-depth explanation of what the client should expect and will receive as an end product. The quote also includes the estimated cost, which is determined by the sculpture’s unique configuration, size and proportion and therefore varies for each piece.
You may take some time to consider the quote. The timeline, however, is based on the foundry’s schedule, so consult the artist on exactly how long you have to decide without affecting the timeline and pricing.

Note for large sculptures (i.e, miniature, life-sized, larger than life)

A finished model of the approved sculpture is required to estimate the cost of the bronze. The foundry must be consulted, as it requires accurate measurements in all dimensions, height, width, depth, direction/movement of the piece as well as a variety of other factors in order to be able to estimate full cost.
We also offer clients the privilege of their own password for in order to view the artwork’s work-in-progress photos.
We would advise anyone considering commissioning a sculpture to only do so if they like Themis’ art.
Themis will not undertake a commission copying someone else’s style or work. She will also not make an exact copy of any her own previous works.
The client will review the clay sculpture and once they have approved, the second part of payment, equaling one third of the remaining total cost is due.
The sculpture will then be ready to go to the foundry where it will be cast.
Photographs of the finished product will be sent to the client for final approval after which final payment is due. The sculpture will then be carefully prepared, packaged and dispatched to the client.



If the sculpture needs to be installed, necessary personnel, such as artisans, craftsmen and professional installers will be employed and the artist will oversee the installation process. The cost of the installation is tallied separately and added to the initial quote.
You should now be able to understand the sculpture commissioning process in some detail. Please keep in mind that the process may vary slightly, because each piece is one of a kind. Also, it takes several months to complete a sculpture, so please allow at least three to eight months for life size statues and a year or more for larger than life pieces as the timeline depends on the foundry’s schedule

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