Commission a painting:

Commissioned paintings offer a unique and personalized experience for both the artist and client, resulting in artwork created with love and care that we hope will be enjoyed for many years to come.

The information provided below aim to outline the process of commissioning a personalized and custom painting from Themis as clearly as possible. This information only applies to paintings on aquarelle, wood panel and canvas. If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, or if you’d like to go ahead with commissioning artwork, please get in touch using the commission form.

Please note:

Themis is all booked up with commissions at the moment! If you would like to be informed when the artist is ready to take commission bookings again, please let us know by using the commission form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss whether you would like to go ahead with a commissioned painting in the future.

Questions & Answers


When Themis undertakes a commission, the forms, colors, content and format are all specified in a substantial part by the client. Commissioned pieces are extremely personalized pieces of art. Therefore, the commissioned painting may not be easily sold to someone else.
With that in mind, all commissioned works are bound by a contract that specifies the return policies for that particular piece.
Be advised, the return policy will be more stringent for large works or public commissions than for private or smaller pieces.
For any commission that Themis agrees to take back, a 30% return fee applies. You may request a return within 30 days of receipt.
Please read your contract agreement carefully before contacting us about returning a commissioned piece.

What is next?

Once a client has confirmed they would like to proceed with a commission, we usually request (via invoice) a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed upon price. We also accept payment in installments if that’s preferred, so please feel free to discuss options with us.
When the artwork is complete the client will receive photos of the piece for feedback and final approval via email.
After this, the balance is invoiced upon completion of and clientsatisfaction with the end result.
We also offer clients the privilege of their own password for in order to view the artwork’s work-in-progress photos.
We provide invoices that include information about various payment options. We accept payment via cheque, bank transfer, PayPal or credit/debit card.
Payments can be made in international currencies including Euros, USD and BP.
The finished artwork will be dispatched after the balance and cost of packing and postage have been paid in full.

Do you issue a Certificate of Authenticity?

Of course. Each artwork comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity. This includes documentation with Themis’s signature, a picture of the painting as well as a full description of the dimensions and materials that were used in the piece’s creation.


Themis tends to work with specific picture sizes which are referenced in detail in the pricelist. She likes to use both the imperial and metric systems. However, she can work in any dimensions that suit you, so if you have a more specific, non-standard size in mind, please be sure to let us know.

Canvas, wood panel or aquarelle?:

Themis likes to paint on canvas, wood panel or aquarelle. Sometimes, aquarelle is her exclusive medium of preference. However, she also loves to work with wood panels which make for a much smoother surface for blending colors. Depending on the artwork, Themis can advise you on which material and medium is better for you.

What does it cost?

The painting’s size is usually the most important factor when it comes to determining price. The medium(s) and complexity also play a role in working out the cost of your project. Nevertheless, other factors may affect the price, as well, such as whether a frame is required or a very detailed painting is requested. Please refer to the current price list below.

4×6″   | 10x15cm – €400.00
6×6″   | 15x15cm – €550.00
6×8″   | 15x20cm – €670.00
8×8″   | 20x20cm – €640.00
8×10″ | 20x25cm – €770.00
8×12″  | 20x30cm – (A4)€820.00
12×12″ | 30x30cm – €950.00
11×14″ | 28x36cm – €1,000.00
12×16″ | 30x40cm – (A3)€2,200.00
16×16″ | 40x40cm – €3,300.00
16×24″ | 40x60cm – €4,500.00
24×24″ | 60x60cm – €5,200.00
28×28″ | 70x70cm – €6,100.00
30×30″ | 76x76cm – €7,250.00

Prices are indicative and may be modified without prior warning. We suggest that you fill in the commission form with as much detail as possible, starting with what you want, the level of complexity, the medium(s) and how you intend to display the artwork, as all these factors can affect the cost.
Prices may vary if you are already our customer and special discounts are available to our newsletter subscribers.
We would also be happy to work with you on any size you have in mind. Send us your ideas and we will give you a quote.
A 50% deposit is requested upon signing the artist agreement. The remaining 50% is due once the painting has been completed. Your deposit is fully refundable right up to the point when you approve the sketch and work on the final painting begins.
We take care of all shipping logistics on our end and inform you of the exact cost upon approval of the final form of the project.
We invite you to contact us should you have any questions or if you are just eager to get started.

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