50×70 cm.


High quality acrylics on specially processed, high quality marine plywood. The painting has been treated with a matte UV protective coating.


Themis’ pop art renaissance RocoConnie series, featuring an 18th century lady riding a cassowary flawlessly depicts the particular, repressed self of the character in that specific timeline.
The cassowary is considered an irritable, hot-tempered bird that can cause deadly injuries if provoked.
RocoConnie couldn’t settle for anything less, even if she can’t fullyexpress her beliefs and ideas in her patriarchal world.
The special beauty of the cassowary is enchanting; even though it has lost its ability to fly, it remains an extremely dangerous creature. RocoConnie has her own way to view and explain things. On this occasion, she uses the bird’s breathtaking beauty to show that beauty can often be deceiving and can be used to lure you where it will.