About Me

Chrisothemis Perdikea Kirimi, Themis, was born on April 18th, 1989 in Athens, Greece.

Sculptor / Painter/ Writer

Themis P. Kirimi

Chrisothemis P. Kirimi, known as Themis, was born in Athens, Greece. Since she was very young, she enjoyed writing stories, as well as painting and sculpting decorative pieces. Her family, seeing her passion for the arts, soon signed her up for painting and sculpting classes. That was when it all began.

Upon seeing that she could bring the stories in her mind to life in three dimensional artwork, she realized that this could define her course in the arts.
She has participated and won first place in several national painting competitions. She has also written short stories and entered national writing competitions, winning numerous panhellenic awards.

Themis has worked as a cartoonist for many national newspapers, as well as a radio producer for a lifestyle broadcast in her home town, Kalamata.
When she finished high school, in 2008, she began her studies in Publishing, where she was able to learn about and practice what she loved. Her studies later enabled her to write her first complete novel, “Wishie & Wee”, published in Greek as “Efchoulis”(Ο Ευχουλης) which was granted an award as one of the best children’s books for Greece in 2014.

Following this tremendous success, she studied digital design, took up master classes of painting, sculpting and script writing, which culminated to the creation of her first movie “Trapped”, a psychological thriller that was entered in the 2014 Film Festival of Drama, Greece.

After successfully working as a public relations’ and marketing specialist for companies such as Mattel, as a tutor offering art lessons to people who wanted to learn to paint and sculpt as well as an artist in various artistic venues, she finally decided to employ the experience she had gained all those years to immerse herself more professionally into the arts she loved so much. So, in 2016 she began working on her sculptures and painting full-time, combining unique and original stories with every single one of her creations.